Drone Photography and Video: Five Types of Businesses That Can Utilize This

If you are looking to take your business’s marketing to the next level, drone photography and video is something you should consider. With technology advancements making it easier to capture the world from unique perspectives, operators now have access to stunning visuals for businesses of all sizes. From top-down aerial shots of large properties to images of hard-to-reach locations, drones provide a cost-effective way to get remarkable footage and photos that can effectively enhance your digital campaigns. In this blog post, we will explore five types of businesses that can benefit from using drones in their marketing strategies.

1. Real Estate

Real estate agents and brokers with the help of drone videographers can use drone photography and video to showcase large properties from a unique perspective. Eye-catching aerial shots of homes, resorts, or commercial buildings can make listings stand out in a crowded market. Capturing a property’s unique features such as swimming pools, landscaping, or outdoor patios can help potential buyers envision what life is like there. Furthermore, drones are great for capturing the entire neighborhood around the property—something that would otherwise be difficult to do on foot. With stunning visuals of the surrounding area, real estate professionals can give potential buyers a better understanding of what it’s like to live in that particular location.

2. Construction

A leading drone photography service in NYC shares that for construction companies looking to document their work, drones provide a cost-effective and safe way to capture the progress of projects. With sweeping shots of the entire construction site, these companies can show their clients how much they have accomplished from start to finish. Clients can also use this footage for their own marketing efforts, such as providing a “before and after” video of the building process that they can share with potential investors or customers. Furthermore, drone photography and video is an ideal way to capture interior shots of big projects that would otherwise be difficult to get—such as pictures of large commercial buildings or multi-story apartment complexes.

3. Weddings

Couples looking for unique wedding photos now have access to stunning aerial visuals thanks to drones. From shots of the wedding party or guests to unique top-down images of the entire venue, drone photography and video can provide a unique perspective that will make your big day even more memorable. Furthermore, some couples have used aerial footage to document their special day by incorporating it into save-the-date videos or “day after” clips where they show off highlights from their wedding weekend.

4. Landscaping

Landscaping companies can use drone photography and video as both a marketing tool and a way to showcase their work. With sweeping shots of large properties or outdoor living spaces, these companies are able to demonstrate the amazing transformations they bring about with their services. Additionally, aerial footage serves as an ideal way to show potential clients the scope of their work on a job site—such as how they’ve redesigned the entire landscape layout or what type of hardscaping features they’ve included.

5. Video Production

Finally, video production companies that are looking for stunning visuals can benefit from using drone photography and video. According to a top digital marketing company, with drones able to reach remote locations and capture unique shots from high altitudes, these professionals now have access to footage that would otherwise be difficult to get. From capturing scenes in unique environments like beaches or forests to getting sweeping shots of large cities, drones provide an ideal way for studios to add a creative touch to their videos or films. Furthermore, aerial footage is perfect for shooting movies set in historical settings where filmmakers may not be able to access certain locations.

Summing Up

In conclusion, drones provide an ideal way for businesses of all sizes to capture stunning visuals for their marketing efforts. Whether it’s real estate brokers looking to showcase properties or video production companies that need unique footage for a project, drone photography and video has become an essential tool for many types of business owners.

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