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Scientology was invented by a gentleman named Lafayette Ron Hubbard, better identified as L. Ron Hubbard. Born in Montana in 1911, Hubbard attended George Washington University in 1930-32, but dropped out to pursue other interests.

He married and became a writer, writing in genres from western to horror to science fiction. Hubbard designed an interest in exploring and was elected to the Explorer’s Club in 1940. In the course of the wintertime of 1940–41, Hubbard gained licensures as a Master of Steam and Motor Vessels, and Learn of Sail Vessels.

This lent itself to Hubbard’s services throughout WWII in naval intelligence in Australia and aboard several vessels around the American coastline. The stop of the war discovered Hubbard a client at Oak Knoll Naval Healthcare facility in Oakland, California, suffering from war-related conditions.

During this time, Hubbard started thinking about the human condition and made the decision to undertake a quest to discover a “science of the mind.” From this quest came the creation of Scientology.

In 1950, Hubbard launched his ideas definitively to the globe in the type of his e-book Dianetics: The Modern day Science of Mental Well being.

Why Was Scientology Invented?
Hubbard thought the simple theory of human existence is survival. test osobnosti Issues that guide to survival are excellent and pleasurable, even though items that are counter-survival will be adverse. A regular, analytical mind, he believed, will make excellent survival choices.

However, Hubbard contends, when a thoughts is not operating appropriately, the reactive thoughts will get over and produce negative photographs named engrams. Negative engrams can even be still left in excess of from past lives.

Hubbard thought folks need to confront and eradicate these engrams to return to the way a brain should perform, and he developed Scientology for this objective.

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